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Analysis of metal pushbuttons working principle
Jan 09, 2018

Self-locking metal pushbuttons, is a common metal button. On the switch pushbutton for the first time on, the switch connected and insisted that the self-locking switch on the second time the switch on and off, switch pushbutton together to pop up.

metal pushbuttons.jpg

Self-locking metal pushbutton is usually the switch comes with mechanical determine the function, press down, let go after the button is not completely jumped up, in a determined condition, you need to press it again to unlock completely jumped up. It is called self-locking switch. The early direct complete power outage of the TV, the display that is the use of this switch.

The difference between a self-locking metal pushbutton and a normally self-locking switch is simply that the illuminated switch takes full advantage of the space in its keypads to place a small pilot light bulb or LED, one end of which is connected to the neutral line and the other to a The step-down resistor is connected in parallel with the normally open contact of the switch. When the switch is closed, the device also works as a power supply for the indicator light.

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