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Analysis of the basic concept of metal pushbutton switch
Jan 14, 2018

Metal button switches are a power source that uses modern power electronics skills to manipulate the on-time ratio of switch-on and switch-off to maintain a regulated output voltage. Metal pushbutton switches are typically comprised of pulse width modulated (PWM) control ICs and MOSFETs. Metal button switch and linear power supply, both the cost increases with the addition of output power, but the rate of increase of the two different. Linear power costs in a point of output power, but higher than the metal button switch, which is called the capital turning point. With the development of power electronics and innovation, making the metal button switch skills are constantly innovative, the capital turning points increasingly moving to the low-output power, which provides a wide range of metal button switch room.

High frequency metal button switch is the direction of its expansion, high-frequency metal button switch miniaturization, and the metal button switch into a wider range of areas of use, especially in the areas of high-tech use, advanced high-tech products, small Light, light The development and use of other metal button switches have important implications for saving energy, saving capital and maintaining the environment. The power electronics used in metal pushbuttons are mainly diodes, IGBTs and MOSFETs. SCRs are used in a few of the metal pushbutton switching rectifiers and soft-start circuits. GTRs are difficult to drive and have low switching frequencies. They are gradually being replaced by IGBTs and MOSFETs.

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Three conditions fold

1, switch: power electronic equipment operation in the switch status rather than linear conditions

2, high-frequency: power electronic equipment operating at high frequency rather than near the low-frequency power frequency

3, DC: Metal button switch output is the DC instead of communication

Metal button switch classification:

Everyone in the metal button switch technology is the development of the relevant side of the power electronic equipment, while the development of switching frequency conversion technology, the two promote each other to promote the metal button switch each year to exceed the rate of two figures toward the light, small, thin, low noise, high Reliable, anti-jamming direction. Metal button switches can be divided into AC / DC and DC / DC two categories, DC / DC converter is now completed modular, and planning skills and production skills have been sophisticated and standardized at home and abroad, and has been recognized by users, But the modularization of AC / DC, because of its own characteristics, makes the process of modularization encountering more complicated skill and skill making problems. The following are two types of metal button switch structure and characteristics are discussed.


Metal button switch than the linear power supply will occur more interference, common mode disturbance sensitive electrical equipment, should adopt the grounding and shielding methods, according to ICE1000, EN61000, FCC and other EMC constraints, metal button switches are adopted EMC electromagnetic compatibility, Therefore, metal button switches should usually be equipped with EMC EMC filters. Such as the benefits of the Lectra Howard HA series metal button switch, the FG terminal to the earth or access the user case, in order to be satisfied with the electromagnetic compatibility requirements.

Maintain the circuit

Metal button switch in the planning of the need to have over-current, overheating, short circuit and other maintenance functions, it should be preferred in the planning and maintenance of fully functional metal button switch module, and its maintenance of the circuit skills parameters and electrical equipment should be operating characteristics of phase Matching to prevent damage to electrical equipment or metal button switches.

Metal button switch basic knowledge

Metal button switch is a switch made of metal buttons, including metal membrane switch, anti-roll metal switch, metal proximity switches. Metal film switch has a layer of very thin metal film, anti-roll metal switch is mainly used for a variety of cranes, metal proximity switch is produced by foreign manufacturers.

The switch component of the metal button switch is a rocker type double contact switch assembly. The switch seat, the bracket which is arranged on the switch seat, the static spring reed fixed on the switch base, the lower static reed and the upper static spring And one end of the movable contact piece is hinged with the cantilever end of the movable piece set on the supporter, the other end of the movable contact piece is connected with a tension spring, and the other end of the tension spring is connected with the movable contact piece. One end of which is connected with the bracket, a push block is connected with the convergence end of the movable contact spring, and the push block extends from the upper outer surface of the switch base and touches with the lower end of the button.

Because the metal button switch with rocker double-contact switch components, the switching faster, the switch in the touch of the better stability during operation, able to adapt to a wider current and voltage range of applications.

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