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Brief description of various performance tests for push button light switches
Jan 21, 2019

Brief description of various performance tests for push button light switches

The switch is indispensable for life applications, and the switch uses the most push button light switches. The push button light switches are very good in quality, but they are more expensive than ordinary switches. However, some technicians perform various performance tests on push button light switches. For example, the test push button light switches have cold resistance, temperature resistance, solder resistance and moisture resistance, so the performance of push button light switches is good. Do you understand it? It doesn't matter if you don't understand it. The TOPSHALL below explains to everyone about the various performance tests of the tact switch.

push button light switches

1.push button light switches

Method of operation: Place in a temperature environment of minus 20 ± 3 ° C for 4 days, then put it in a normal environment, and test it after 30 minutes.

Test results: The contact resistance and insulation resistance of the switch are all within the standard range, and there is no indication that the switch performance is damaged. This proves that the push button light switches have strong cold resistance.

2.push button light switches high temperature performance test

Operation method: The product is stored in 280±30°C environment, and the product is stored for 2-3 minutes. After heat dissipation, test the feel and resistance.

Test results: switch resistance, gram rebound, shape and so on. There is no damage to the switch.

3.push button light switches solderability test

Operation method: The welding foot of the push button light switches is soaked into the tin pool about 2mm deep, the test temperature is about 230±5°C, and the holding time is 3±0.5 seconds.

Test results: more than 80% of the soldering foot portion of the push button light switches will be covered with tin, thus proving that the push button light switches its quality is better.

4.push button light switches solder resistance test

Operation method: control the temperature of solder to 260±5°C, keep the welding time of 5±1 seconds, and control the temperature of hand soldering at 350±30°C for 3±0.5 seconds, but not for soldering feet. Apply abnormal pressure.

Test results: push button light switches without any deformation, etc., the test proved that the push button light switches can satisfy the capabilities of various electrical appliances.

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