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Design a unique pushbutton switch socket
Jan 11, 2018

We have not designed their own things? This may believe we will have designed, such as what kind of drawings, what model, is a design. Talking about the design of a pushbutton switch socket design is good, let's look at the design of the pushbutton switch socket.

Design: Unique two-wing structure, the appearance is clear, concise, supplemented by bright silver trim, both elegant, elegant and generous.

Buckle-bit design: buckle with functional parts and inlaid mosaic plate, the use of functional parts on the frame positioning, positioning more accurate, more beautiful, more solid.

Slim design: the entire thickness of the socket is only 20mm, allowing you to install more convenient.

pushbutton switch.jpg

User-friendly design: the use of advanced UG Ⅱ and PROE 3D CAD software design and verification, making it more in line with people's habits and life characteristics.

Modular design: switch socket is a separate feature structure, according to your needs any combination.

Pushbutton switch manufacturers to consult TOPSHALL, TOPSHALL mainly produces metal series waterproof pushbutton switch, stainless steel pushbuttons, signal lights; and plastic series waterproof switch, key switch, ship rocker switch, power outlet, fuse holder and so on. Products through CQC, CE a variety of regulatory certification, metal pushbutton switch series IP67 waterproof grade certificate, products and accessories through ROHS environmental testing, and obtain the relevant certificates.

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