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How to connect terminals of push button led lights
Apr 18, 2018

In fact, the push button led lights how to connect is very simple, this switch should be two terminals, then there are three terminals is a switch, find the lamp terminals and switch terminals, and then clearly what you want to use which two A terminal switch, directly connected to the lamp and the switch terminal to be connected, so that when the switch is turned on the light will be on

push button led lights.jpg

The four buttons of the push button led lights are normally open and normally closed. Which two are used depends on the line requirements. For example, a simple self-locking line is a button normally closed as a stop, and a button is normally open. For startup. Then it is called normally closed when no button is pressed, and it is disconnected when the button is pressed. When the button is not pressed, it is disconnected and is normally open, but when the button is pressed, it is switched on. Of course, it is measured with the multimeter's Ohm file (Ω).

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