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How to distinguish light metal pushbutton switch function
Jan 20, 2018

When pressing the metal pushbutton with light switch, the two pairs of contacts at the same time action, normally closed contacts open, normally open contacts closed. In order to indicate the role of each push button switch, to avoid misuse, usually the waterproof pushbutton switch made of different light colors to show the difference, the color of red, green, black, yellow, blue, white and so on. push button switch to complete the start, stop, forward and reverse, speed and

stainless steel push button.jpg

interlock and other basic control. Waterproof metal pushbuttons the main parameters, type, mounting hole size, the number of contacts and the current capacity of the contact, the product has a specific description of the single. For example, the red indicates the stop stainless steel pushbutton, the green indicates the start waterproof light pushbutton and the like. There are usually two pairs of contacts for each stainless steel pushbutton switch. Each pair of contacts consists of a normally open contact and a normally closed contact

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