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How to install the switch socket
Dec 08, 2016

Total number of forecasts and budgets

Insiders pointed out that the developers time to pay, the first switch and socket fit regardless of quantity or location are not. Therefore, should be based on actual needs appropriate adjustment or increase the number of switched outlets. A case study of 120 square meters, three-bedroom, more suitable switch socket number should be between 50-70.

Switches and Sockets is a small home improvement spending, as consumers, on average, the price at around 10 Yuan for each switch socket is appropriate. Lot's more famous brands in the market, its price is of course higher. If the original socket quality is OK, some concealed location (behind the bedside table, kitchen cabinets) can be used without buying new ones.

From the practical point of reasonable arrangements for the location

Socket location mishandled case, if in the bedroom, living room, may affect the arrangement of the furniture if in the bathroom, kitchen, we'll probably dig bricks. If there is no full assurance, consumers can remember one thing: let the outlet side as much as possible.

In addition, insiders warned that mounted switch sockets must be from a practical point of view to consider, after all, switch and socket is for you. For example, fan switch, bathroom phone outlet should be installed near the toilet, not mounted on the wall of the bathroom door.

Some dedicated outlet fixed position, such as refrigerators, washing machines, smoke machines, air conditioners and other totally unnecessary to buy 5-hole, 3 hole can be.

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