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Information of indicator light switch
Apr 16, 2018

In fact, indicator light switch data does not always have a consistent definition. The continuous updating of the 12V illuminated switch technology also accelerates the diversification of waterproof data, and overall, it prevents rainwater, groundwater, industrial and civil water supply and drainage, corrosive liquids, and air. The moisture, vapor, and other materials that invade the waterproof led light switch are basically collectively referred to as waterproof data.

indicator light switch.jpg

The main contents of the document are the waterproofing membranes, which are mainly used for construction, such as roofs, exterior walls, etc.; 911 polyurethane waterproofing materials, containing volatile gas, strict construction requirements, and costly construction; new polymer cement-based waterproofing materials, The data is composed of organic polymer liquid material and inorganic powder material. It combines the characteristics of high elasticity of organic data and durability of inorganic materials. After coating, it forms a strong and tough waterproof coating film. It is a common selection of lighted switches in the home industry. .

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