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Metal push button switch to improve the important role
Jan 04, 2018

Fire base DC24V launch (power supply from the fire base)

② fire hydrant box metal push button switch to start

③ fire base button to start and stop the pump

④ spray pipe network pressure switch start and stop the pump

⑤ low pressure electric contact pressure gauge start the pump (using the regulator system) and so on.

metal push button switch.jpg

Lead to the fire hydrant metal push button switch, lights and lead to the fire control base remote control power for the AC24V? 100VA. Control cabinet has a pump open, pump stop, pump fault passive contact reaction fire base. With the main pump problems, spare pump active delay put into use. In addition, the control cabinet can be based on user needs, add the dual active power switch function, regular active inspection and other functions, high-power fire main pump can be used to reduce the start-up of the pump on the power grid and pipe network impact.

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