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Metal pushbutton switches are generally used in the automotive industry TOPSHALL brief analysis
Jan 10, 2018

Metal pushbutton switch is widely used in the automotive industry; from the car pushbutton switch life test device development point of view, a large number of modern automotive electrical control using a simple structure, easy to operate, durable and reliable, over current large metal pushbutton or rocker switch. These different types, uses, forms of metal switches, installed in 

metal pushbutton.jpg

different parts of the vehicle, play a very important role in driving the car. Due to traffic safety, national laws and regulations limit the reliability and durability of automotive switches indicators, these indicators can be measured indoors through the switch life simulation test method to come to the conclusion that the components are quite mature and reliable, but Hyundai Motor proposed for driving safety Higher lifespan requires that the number of tests for a few switches have been set at 1 million, which means that the test rig must be run more smoothly and reliably, and be able to run N millions of times without interruption to show that the unit is genuine The practical value, high-life car buttons to meet your standards!

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