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Panel mount push button
Jan 25, 2019

Panel mount push button

The main body of the panel mount push button is a plastic base. Its plastic base has three materials. These three materials are very regular and the accuracy of the material is relatively high. Most importantly, this feels good. When we use a panel mount push button, you will find it.

Different materials have different life spans, so people can look at them when they use them. In general, their shelf life is about 10 years, and some are even longer. In 10 years or less, there is basically no aging, but if it is more than 10 years. Ten years is very dangerous. The plastic substrate is covered by a metal. The metal cover is also a very common material. It uses iron caps and stainless steel. Both materials have a long service life, but we should remember to keep them when using them. Using the right maintenance method can bring great benefits, or you can. Extending its service life brings great convenience. Salt spray coverage is also very common. Salt spray itself is very useful, but its lifespan is not long, usually about 5 years. If it doesn't rust, it may be longer, which is enough for us to use in our daily lives. Some people will even replace it for three to four years.

panel mount push button

In fact, different types of panel mount push buttons have completely different life spans, such as waterproof and ultra-thin panel mount push buttons. These switches are made of plastic and have a shelf life of about 10 years under normal conditions. The internal debris of the switch is isolated from the air. Contact can affect its useful life and it will greatly shorten its service life, from 10 years to 8 or less. These are also normal shelf life. Of course, this is also a prerequisite. When using it, we should eliminate its oxidation and try not to let it touch the air in order to extend its service life and bring benefits to people. Of course, we can also use some small methods to extend the service life, that is, the air is isolated at the bottom, which can achieve good results and extend the shelf life.

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