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Push button indicator selection
Apr 19, 2018

Choosing the push button indicator is a kind of master device with a simple structure and a wide range of applications. In the electrical automatic control circuit, it is used to manually send out control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc.

The push button indicator can perform basic controls such as start, stop, forward/reverse, shifting, and interlocking. Each push button indicator usually has two pairs of contacts. Each pair of contacts consists of a normally open contact and a normally closed contact.

When the button is pressed, both pairs of contacts act simultaneously, the normally closed contact opens, and the normally open contact closes.

push button indicator.jpg

Select the push button indicator color red, green, black, yellow, blue, white and so on. For example, red indicates a stop button, and green indicates a start button.

The main parameters, type, mounting hole size, number of contacts and current capacity of the push button indicator are selected in the push button indicator specification.

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