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Push button lamp new generation photoelectric switchgear
Jan 21, 2019

Push button lamp new generation photoelectric switchgear

Push button lamp's active reset operation principle makes it widely used in the electronics profession, such as our mouse, as well as induction cooker, electric fan, etc. When the button is pressed, the switch is turned on once, then left and then pressed, then Turn it on once.

push button lamp

Mobile phone buttons, remote controls, home appliances, medical devices, etc., are used, and with the continuous advancement of modern technology, push button lamp and waterproof push button lamp use conductive rubber or other non-damaged constituent materials instead of metal shrapnel, making The life of the push button lamp is greatly enhanced. Compared with the linear power supply, the interest rate of both the switching power supply increases with the addition of the output power, but the rate of increase is different.

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