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Push switch button process in the device
Jan 15, 2019

Push switch button process in the device

AP-5022 automatic edge sealing packaging machine is a fully automatic high-speed three-side sealing device designed, developed and produced by our company on the basis of introducing and digesting similar foreign equipment. It can be widely used in food, pharmaceutical, health, culture and education industries. Shrink film packaging of related items.

The AP-5022's motion mechanism consists mainly of three parts. The film supply motor and the film-receiving motor are used to control the supply of the shrink film and the recovery of the waste film, and are driven by the frequency converter to realize stepless speed regulation; the feeding and discharging conveyor belts are driven by one motor, and the frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted. The feeding and discharging speeds are continuously adjustable between 0-40 m/min to adapt to various packaging objects; the transverse sealing and cutting motor is used to control the upper and lower movement of the horizontal sealing knife, and the longitudinal sealing knife The control of the lower movement is realized by the cylinder control.

push switch button

The analog quantity of AP-5022 automatic edge sealing packaging machine has two types of temperature and speed. The temperature control loop converts the sealing and cutting temperature signals in the longitudinal and transverse directions into 4-20 mA signals for sampling by the push switch button; the running speed signal of the conveyor belt set by the man-machine interface is digitally calculated by the PLC. After D/A conversion, it is converted into a signal of 0-10V and sent to the analog input terminal of the inverter, and the driving speed of the push switch button conveyor belt.

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