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Should pay attention to different environments and use different functions of switch and socket:
Dec 08, 2016

1, in order to prevent arc burn shall be selected for their superior ability to resist shock switch socket.

2, in order to prevent children from electric shock, Secure Sockets with protective door should be used to prevent unipolar inserts.

3, there are metal appliances, such as floor lamps, washing machine should be used, such as three-pole socket with protective grounding.

4 wet location such as, bathroom, balcony, and splash-proof masks should be used socket.

5, some lightning-sensitive equipment (such as computers) it is advisable to use an electrical surge protective devices, Sockets.

6, in order to avoid the wire breaks, double orifice plate wiring plug should be used.

7, power sockets rated current value should be greater than the load current value of household appliances.

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