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Switch and socket installation errors
Dec 08, 2016

With the popularity of home appliances, home power socket number is gradually increasing. But in case of improper installation, will be buried in the walls of the "stealth bomber". Insiders warm reminds consumers that home must pay attention when installing the switch socket the three misunderstandings.

Error: socket is too low

Many families feel when installing the socket is too high to hinder appearance, will be installed in the lower concealed location. In this regard, industry insiders said, so easy when dragging the water splashed on the socket, causing the leakage accident. Industry regulations, wall mounted outlet preferably not less than 1.8 metres from the ground; a concealed socket not less than 0.3 m from the ground level. Kitchen and bathroom plugs should be more than 1.5 metres from the ground and air outlet should be at least 2 meters.

Myth: plug wires easily

Power wire must be used copper wire cross section. If you lived in the old House, make sure you replaced the original aluminum wire. Because aluminum wire is easily oxidized, easier to fire at the joint. A survey showed that using the aluminum housing, electrical fires happen dozens of times times the rate of copper wire.

Myth three: Socket missing protective measures

Kitchen and bathroom often there will be water and smoke, so splash is best installed on the outlet Panel boxes or plastic bezel, can effectively prevent the oil, Vapor Intrusion caused by short circuit. Families with young children, in order to prevent children with fingers or metal objects poked socket holes, to use Secure Sockets with insurance cover plate. In addition, the decoration company in the three-hole outlet, often ground useless, or even directly connect the ground wire to a gas pipe. Insiders pointed out that these practices are dangerous, ground wire connected to the electrical enclosure, once the electrical leakage, can result in electric shock.

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