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Switch socket should be installed where the toilet?
Dec 08, 2016

1, switch and socket should be placed at the door outside, at the gate, many buildings actually are, damp, humid, water, would be affected in case of leakage, it is more dangerous.

2, the bathroom socket installation

Professional decoration company in the bathroom circuit installation, wall mounted receptacle installation location from the ground above 1.8M, concealed outlet distance 0.3 m above the ground. Child electrocuted unconsciously fingered or plug in poke holes with a metal object, so a concealed socket must use Secure Sockets with insurance cover plate.

3, toilets are often used to take a bath and shower, wet, bathroom socket installation should not be using common socket.

When assembling a switch, panel mounted switches require 1.2-1.4 meters from the ground, away from the door frame horizontal distance 150 mm-200 mm. Switched outlet locations correspond to lights, switches of the same indoor height should be the same. Bathroom waterproof switch should be used to ensure safety.

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