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The first household intelligent power sockets available
Dec 08, 2016

Outlet power saving years, 500 million Yuan the first household intelligent power sockets available "eliminate standby energy consumption of" spontaneous power-saving in recent years Shenzhen has become the public hot spot. Following the introduction of energy-saving standby after the acclaimed last year, Lebang appliances recently developed the first intelligent energy-saving socket, this seemingly unexciting "tow", but can reduce standby energy consumption of home theater and computer systems dozens of times. Home Theater and home computer systems are standby energy consumption of major household appliances. Energy utilization monitoring center of Shenzhen City, according to the report, a standby energy consumption of the TV high up to 19 w, plus DVD, amplifier, stereo, home theater standby energy consumption as a whole of 30 watts. Computer shutdown the standby energy consumption of up to 5.9 w, plus printers, scanners, audio, total standby energy consumption of 20 Watts.

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