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The small difference between On-line switch and waterproof inline switch
Jan 08, 2018

In fact, the same on-line switch and waterproof strip switch, just call each different, the line switch is the middle of both ends of the line switch, waterproof inline switch can be with one end of the line can also be at both ends with a line, the middle of the switch , But the middle of the switch and online switch is open, the difference is waterproof, the internal not only with a high-precision chip circuit board, but also with a full waterproof seal structure (which can operate within 30 meters underwater), at the same time The shell can also take a power led indicator, so the cost of production to be higher than the inline switch, waterproof strip switch, in actual use in addition to waterproof inline switch name can also be called, IP68 waterproof switch, IP68 waterproof inline switch IP68 waterproof push button switch, waterproof inline button switch, IP68 waterproof inline switch, IP68 water inline switch with light, on the naming are not introduced one by one.

waterproof inline switch.jpg

The heaviest point to be introduced to everyone is, TOPSHALL waterproof switch not only waterproof function, but also can be self-locking and reset function, it can also be called self-locking waterproof Switch, waterproof reset switch.

The upper and lower cover snap-fit structure of the on-line switch and a fixed-core wire fixing structure, the upper and lower cover snap-fit structure comprises a switch upper cover and a switch lower cover, a plurality of upper cover snap hooks are designed in the switch upper cover, The lower cover elastic buckle is designed with the same number as the upper cover hooks. The upper switch cover and the lower switch cover are buckled together by the upper cover hooks and the corresponding lower cover elastic buckles to form a upper and lower cover buckling structure

Waterproof with the upper and lower lid buckle buckle switch structure and a core wire and high precision chip circuit board and then use high-strength waterproof plastic covered fixed structure, so as to achieve IP68 waterproof effect, the upper and lower cover buckle including the switch structure, through the corresponding Mold and high temperature equipment together. Once combined with the upper and lower cover is not easy to disassemble, if bad can only be scrapped. Such as waterproof with light inline switch unilateral outlet will be with three 18AWG line, such as the bilateral outlet with two ends of each 18AWG line, one end of the power input, the other end of the power output. Its characteristics are as follows:

1, waterproof inline switch in the technology is relatively perfect, so the transmission speed, stability, anti-interference ability is very good.

2, waterproof inline switch has a rational circuit design, to avoid switching short-circuit and burned losses.

3, self-developed waterproof switch with low power loss, cooling speed, long service life. The company is located in:

4, waterproof inline switch in the quality of the very strict checks, resolutely adopted Cengcengbaguan. Internal products are the use of high-quality electronic components.

Line switches, commonly known as bedside switches and wire switches, are commonly used in home lighting such as table lamps and floor lamps.

Waterproof inline switch commonly known as key switch and waterproof with wire switch, usually used in industrial equipment, cars, boats, mountain bike and so on.

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