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Use of momentary button switch
Jan 28, 2019

Use of momentary button switch

When we use the momentary button switch, there are a lot of potential problems, and some places that we often ignore when using them. The following are some common problems that the momentary button switch will encounter and when it is used. Some places to pay attention to.

When the momentary button switch terminal is soldered, if a load is applied to the terminal, it may loosen due to different conditions, and the deformation and electrical characteristics may deteriorate. Please pay attention when using it.

When using a through-hole printed circuit board or a board other than the recommended one, the influence of thermal stress will change, so check the soldering conditions beforehand.

When performing two weldings, please perform the first welding part after returning to normal temperature. Continuous heating may deform the outer moment button switch, and the terminals may loosen, fall off, and reduce electrical characteristics.

Regarding the setting of the welding conditions, it is necessary to confirm the actual mass production conditions.

momentary button switch

The product is designed and manufactured on the premise of DC resistance load. When using other loads [inductive load, capacitive load], please check separately.

For printed circuit board mounting holes and modes, please refer to the recommended dimensions listed in the product drawing.

The momentary button switch should be used to directly operate the switch according to the structure of the switch. Please do not use it for mechanical detection.

When the momentary button switch is operated, if a predetermined load is applied, the switch may be damaged. Please be careful not to apply more than the specified force on the switch.

Please avoid using the operation section from the side.

For the flat shaft type, press the center of the switch as much as possible. For the hinge structure, the shaft will move when pressed, so please pay special attention.

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