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Waterproof lights stainless steel metal pushbutton switch is part of the pushbutton switch
Jan 14, 2018

Auxiliary metal pushbutton switch is part of the main pushbutton switch, configured in the high voltage or medium voltage circuit breakers, waterproof isolation switchgear and other power equipment as a secondary control circuit of the sub-gate, closing, signalindicator control and interlock protection, but also Use as a combination waterproof pushbutton switch and switch waterproof metal switch. The reason why the auxiliary waterproof illuminated switch has the name "auxiliary" in the name of the switch is that it is not a separate waterproof stainless steel switch. It is an auxiliary carrier for breaking, connecting and interlocking functions in the control system.

stainless steel switch.jpg

Auxiliary waterproof stainless steel pushbutton switch is an accessory used for operating mechanism of long-distance automatic opening and closing circuit breaker. There are two types of electric operating mechanism: motor operating mechanism and electromagnet operating mechanism. Motor operating mechanism is MCCB Frame Rated current 400A and above Circuit breakers, electromagnet Operating mechanism For Molded Case circuit breaker Frame Rated current 225A and below circuit breakers (now with 400A and above the rated operating mechanism of the solenoid actuator) , Whether it is electromagnet or motor, the direction of their pull and rotate are the same, only by the position of the cam within the electric operating mechanism to achieve, points, circuit breaker operating with the motor, the rated control voltage 85 % -110% of any voltage between, should be able to ensure reliable circuit breaker closed.

Auxiliary light switch for molded case circuit breakers, circuit breakers in the cover mounted on the operating handle rotation mechanism, handle shaft installed in its agency with the hole, the other end of the shaft through the drawer cabinet door hole, the rotation of the handle The handle is mounted on the top of the door of the unit and is exposed by the spindle head. The round or square handle of the handle is screwed to the door. This installation enables the operator to rotate the handle of the handle outside the door clockwise or counterclockwise to Make sure the breaker is closed or open. Turn the handle to ensure that the circuit breaker is closed, the door can not be opened; only turn the handle in the sub-gate or buckle, the switchboard door can be opened. In an emergency, when the circuit breaker is "closed" and the door panel needs to be opened, press the red release light button on the rotating handle base.

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