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Waterproof metal buttons come into the field of electrical automation
Jan 04, 2018

Waterproof metal button is a simple structure, the use of a very wide range of main electrical appliances. In the electrical active control circuit, used to manually declare the control signal to manipulate contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters and so on.

Waterproof metal button many varieties of construction, can be divided into general 揿 button, mushroom head, self-locking, self-reset, rotary handle, with light, with light symbol and key type, Double button, three buttons and different combinations, the general structure is the choice of building blocks, from the button cap, spring reset, bridge contacts and shell and other components, usually made of composite, there is a pair of normally closed contacts and normally open Contact, and some products through multiple components in series to add contact logarithm. There is also a self-restraint button, press it to take the initiative to adhere to the closed position, power off after the open.

waterproof metal button.jpg

In order to indicate the effect of each button to prevent misuse, the button cap is generally made of different colors to show the difference, the color of red, green, black, yellow, blue, white and so on. For example, red indicates the abort button, green indicates the start button and so on. Waterproof metal buttons are the main parameters of the type and device hole size, the number of contacts and the current capacity of the contacts in the product description have specific instructions. Common domestic products have LAY3, LAY6, LA20, LA25, LA38, LA101, LA115 and other series.

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