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Waterproof metal pushbutton lights play an important role in the use of the elevator
Jan 07, 2018

Car on the control box corresponding to each floor with a metal pushbutton with lights,

Elevator control system is also called command metal pushbutton. After the passenger enters the car, he presses the metal button of the destination landing to go, the metal pushbutton light is on, that is, the car command is registered. After the command is run to the destination landing, the command is eliminated and the metal pushbutton light goes out. Elevator landing call signal is through the doorway next to each waterproof pushbutton switch to achieve. Signal control or election control of the elevator, in addition to the top only call the metal pushbutton, the bottom only call the metal pushbutton, the rest of each layer have summon up and down metal pushbuttons.

metal pushbutton.jpg

Commonly used models are as follows: handle switch orientation, directional switch hoistway hierarchical switch, hoist permanent magnet switches and relays composed of logic circuit orientation, mechanical layering device orientation, bistable magnetic switch and electronic digital circuit orientation, electronic pulse selection Layer device set.

Elevator orientation, the election layer line: the direction of the elevator control is based on the purpose of landing within the elevator car passenger landing command and each floor call signal with the elevator floor signal indicator lights to compare, usually above the elevator position signal Car calls and landing call instructions, so that the elevator set up, and vice versa down. Direction control must pay attention to the following points:

Calling orders within the car take precedence over call orders on all floors. Elevator to maintain the direction of the summon to passengers in the faraway floor call operation, when the driver control, when the elevator has not yet started running, should allow the driver to force change the direction of the elevator may be forced in the maintenance state, the elevator direction control Direct maintenance by the maintenance personnel (attention to spot check)  press the metal pushbutton on the control box or car top of the car, the elevator can run, and when the metal pushbutton is released, the elevator signal indicator prompts to stop.

Floor display lines: There must be a floor display in the passenger elevator car, while the floor display on the landing floor is determined by the elevator manufacturer as the case may be. Past elevators have been shown on every floor. With the improvement of elevator speed and the improvement of group control dispatching system, many elevators cancel the floor-level displays or only display the floor of base stations. When reaching the call-station, the sound and light signal forecast plates are used, If the elevator is about to arrive, the station bells will make a sound, the direction light will flash or indicate the running direction of the elevator, and some will use the car audio information station to remind the passengers.

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