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What are the push push switch life test methods?
Jan 26, 2019

What are the push push switch life test methods?

Due to the ever-changing iteration of technology, many advanced technology products are gradually emerging, and the demand for push push switches is increasing at home and abroad, such as robots and drones that are now more popular. Although the push push switch seems to be small, its function and effect is amazing. The use of these advanced skills is inseparable from our various push push switches. Despite the high demand for push push switches, there are still many push push switch manufacturers and suppliers that cannot supply them. Why is this? In fact, it is very simple, the same products, different prices, different quality, different services Naturally, the results of the sale are different. Today's TOPSHALL Xiaobian is about the quality mentioned here. The life of the push push switch is the key factor affecting its quality. Let's take a look at the push push switch life test method?

push push switch

1. Manual or a small motor can be used to drive the painful opening and closing switch, and then use the counter to record the number of times, and test the number of times the push push switch is opened and closed until it is damaged. Generally, the life expectancy of imported shrapnel is more than 100,000 times, the life of domestic shrapnel is 50,000-70 times, and the number of stainless steel shrapnel is more than 500,000 times. The number of hours and feel is determined by the cooperation of the push push switch and the shrapnel. The shorter the stroke, the lighter the sound, the longer the life, and the longer the stroke. Vice versa, in the case of a fixed shrapnel process, the first step and the sound resolution of the push push switch life, in fact, the key factor in the resolution of the shrapnel life is still stamping skills.

2, using the counter to record the number of times, this switch requires safety certification, the patch is clearly opened for sale in the country to use CQC, foreign countries to see which country to sell in detail.

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