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What is a photoelectric switch?
Dec 08, 2016

Photoelectric switch sensor in the family members of the transmitter between the receiver and the light intensity changes into currents of change in order to achieve detection purposes. Because of the photoelectric switch and input circuit is electrically isolated output circuit (that is, edge must), so it can be used on many occasions.

-Contact limit switch low response speed and accuracy, contact detection easily damage detection and short life of the shortcomings, proximity switches and transistors for short distance, cannot directly detect non-metallic materials. However, the new type photoelectric switch above to overcome their disadvantages, and small size, function, long life, high accuracy, fast response, detection distance and strong resistance to optical, electrical and magnetic interference.

At present, this new type of photoelectric switches have been crop detection, liquid level control, product count, width, speed detection, identification, cut-to-length and hole recognition, signal delay, auto-sensing, color detection, punching and cutting machines as well as security and many other areas. Furthermore, the use of infra-red stealth, also in banks, warehouses, shops, offices and other occasions as a security guard.

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