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What is the push button switch structure?
Jan 22, 2018

Push button switch We all know, is a kind of electronic components to control the flow of current, in daily life, we often see, many types of switches, such as metal push button switch, touch button switch, waterproof switch, explosion-proof switch Wait. These switches are used more widely, the market demand is great. We use the push button switch has not had, its internal composition and structure, how to classify it? Let's look at the following.

push button.jpg

First, the composition and structure of the push button:

Mainly by the push button cap, return spring, bridge moving contacts, static contact, strut connecting rod and shell and other components. Its name, structure, and symbol.

Second, the classification of the push button:

According to the static state (without any external force when the state) when the contact sub-state, can be divided into:

1, composite button: about to open, normally closed button combination into one. Static, normally open, normally closed button above; dynamic, normally closed contact first disconnect, normally open contact closed; external force release, normally open contact first disconnect, normally closed contact closed.

2, normally open button (start push button): static, the contact is open; dynamic, the contact closed; release of the external force, the button automatically reset.

3, normally closed button (stop push button): static, the contact closed, dynamic, the contact is open; external force release, the button automatically reset.

The above is the composition and structure of the push button switch analysis, in fact, the function of each switch are inseparable from the same thing, that is, electricity, and some can control high current, and some can be waterproof, and some explosion-proof. Need to know more about switching and other electronic components can consult TOPSHALL electronics company, more knowledge waiting for you to explore.

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