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What will be the difference for Waterproof metal buttons
Jan 03, 2018

Self-locking button switch and lock-free button waterproof metal buttons have those What's the difference?

waterproof metal buttons.jpg

Self-locking button switch, is more common self-locking button switch Self-locking switch is a common button switch. In the first switch button on time, the switch is turned on and maintained, that is, self-locking switch on the second button on time, the switch off, together with the switch button pops up. Self-locking switch usually refers to the switch comes with mechanical determine the function, press go, the button will not be completely threw up, in a determined condition, the need to press it again, to unlock completely jumped up. It is called self-locking switch. The early direct complete power outage of the TV, the display that is the use of this switch. The difference between a self-locking switch and a normally self-locking one is that the illuminated switch takes full advantage of the space in its keypads with a small pilot light bulb or LED, one end of which is connected to the neutral conductor and the other end is normally lowered The piezoresistor is connected in parallel with the normally open contact of the switch. When the switch is closed, the device is also supplied with power for the indicator light.

What is a lock and lock button switch?

No lock button switch, it can be understood, since the double button, press to connect, you let go, it also followed to disconnect; Similarly, self-locking button, that is, you press it, it will be connected until you The second press, its latch pops up; the same as your pen of crude oil.

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