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Why waterproof metal pushbutton has two switches
Jan 09, 2018

Why control the motor waterproof metal pushbuttons with two ah? Waterproof metal pushbutton

One is to start a stop, a switch not got it? Press once to turn on and press twice to turn off.

Click start the motor to start, then stop the motor to stop, after you press the stop, the start button will reset it, if it is how to do with a switch is OK. But also with the electronic circuit, such as flip-flop, shift register, PLC controller.

metal pushbutton.jpg

The one you are talking about is the old-fashioned waterproof metal pushbutton, which is simple in structure and easy to install and work reliably. So still in use. When it is pressed, it can only be turned on for a moment, and then it breaks when it is loosened. That is reset. So why did you stop after pressing? That is because it is connected to the AC contactor. When the contactor is closed, a set of contacts shorts the start switch. So you do not press all are energized. The stop button is connected in series with the start button, and it is powered off (pressed and de-energized). Contactor no power, and immediately separated. After the separation start pushbutton is disconnected, short start pushbutton contactor also separated. Stop the pushbutton and then reset the power but has passed the threshold of the start pushbutton. In a stopped state Press again to start and then energized action, in the contactor contact to maintain the open state of the short.

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