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8mm Mounting Hole Metal Switches By Pressing The Handle
Sep 06, 2017

8mm Mounting Hole Metal switches By pressing the handle

Push button switch is normally closed, often open two pairs of points. PLC input in accordance with the requirements to use these two pairs of points. For the use of normally closed point, the PLC input according to the different models have separate input, there are common points. Follow the instructions to connect. The common electrode is connected to a terminal, and the input point of the PLC is connected to another terminal, that is, the I-side (one input point of plc) of the PLC is connected with the movable contact, and the other end is connected to the 24V + of the PLC.

8mm mounting hole metal switch Under normal circumstances, a button always has a pair of moving contact and a dynamic contact, before the application of multimeter resistance to distinguish the corresponding contacts, but also have two pairs of contacts and With the lights, wiring should pay attention.

8mm mounting holes Metal switch The push button plate and button box of the push button must be metal and try to connect them to the device's common ground bus. For the hanging button, there must be a special ground wire, and no metal pipe must be used as the ground wire.

Second, the PLC module internal switch AO / DO output capacity is very small, can not directly drive the external switch (contactor) action, through a small electromagnetic relay (usually said that the intermediate relay) is a switch transfer control process , That is, the PLC module's total output intermediate relay ->

8mm Mounting hole The life of the metal switch is tested

Switch is by pressing the handle by pressing the internal hardware shrapnel to achieve off, the process of pressing we called the trip, that is, the distance between the shrapnel and the shots. Press the second hand is what we call life, the current life of the switch standard is 10W times. We often talked with you that the maximum life of the 8mm mounting hole metal switch is the key to its shrapnel. Shrapnel material and precision is one of the important factors affecting life expectancy, but also an important factor affecting the feel. Then our life is based on the good or bad shrapnel to judge it? Obviously not, we use the material is only theory, the actual use or according to our test results prevail, today we come to introduce life and test standards.

8mm mounting hole metal switch life test standard way and process: First, we first fixed the switch on the machine panel, followed by adjusting the weight of the set the number of life, the number of life times again test the continuity of detection switch and feel. Life test standard: the weight of the weight is twice the switching intensity to 30-40 times per minute frequency to press the switch, test the mechanical properties began to detect the electrical performance of the switch. Such as after the test to prevent higher than 30m Europe, then determine the bad, anyway, judged to be good; finished life test should also test whether the switch can be turned on and press, feel good. A good touch switch manufacturers, each production of a number of switches have to go through life testing to ensure the stability of the switch.

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