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8mm Mounting Hole Metal Switches Use Extensively
Aug 01, 2017

8mm Mounting Hole Metal switches Use extensively

8mm mounting hole The use of metal switches widely used, mostly for some CNC machine tools or functional classification of the more obvious machinery, some button switch will make the keycap into a different color to distinguish, and some more personalized switch in the Button under the circuit by adding LED lights, keycap engraved with different logo patterns. A push-button switch with LEDs is generally referred to as a signal indicator. Then for some of the common knowledge on the button switch we still have a need to know, the following let the button switch manufacturers for your elaboration:

When the press button, two pairs of contacts at the same time action, normally closed contact open, normally open contact closure. In order to indicate the role of each button to avoid misuse, usually the button cap made of different colors to show the difference, the color red, green, black, yellow, blue, white and so on. Button switch can be completed start, rest, forward and reverse, speed and interlock and other basic control. The main parameters of the button switch, type, mounting hole size, the number of contacts and the current capacity of the contact, in the product imitation has a specific description. For example, red indicates a stop button, green indicates a start button, and so on. Usually each button switch has two pairs of contacts. Each pair of contacts consists of a normally open contact and a normally closed contact. What are the conventional solutions when the signal indicator is not working on the work?

In different electrical workplace due to the circuit line control loop is very long, this time will cause the signal indicator light is not very bright, basically there is the induced voltage caused by this situation, when there is such a problem when we use the most Simple, most convenient and practical method is summarized as follows.

First, each indicator uses a shielded wire, just not very beautiful.

Second, the input and output terminals in the line into a small size of 0.01_0.22UF between the input and then a 100K_500K resistance. Operation is not convenient for example.

Third, plus a RC circuit a lot of contactor coil at both ends of a parallel circuit, the role is to play the role of absorption of induced electromotive force. This is also a more reasonable solution.

Fourth, the best program for the installation of a capacitive absorber, the advantage of doing so is the most simple, most convenient, things are very cheap.

What are the types of metal push switches?

The demand for the market, and now more and more types of button switches, the common metal buttons have the following types:

(1) Open: This switch is very common, generally suitable for embedded in the switch board, control cabinet or console panel.

(2) Maintenance: As the name implies, is a button with a button switch, can protect the button, but also can protect us from accidentally touch live.

(3) Waterproof: sealed with the shell, to avoid rain intrusion.

(4) anti-corrosion type: to avoid chemical corrosive gases and corrosive liquid intrusion.

(5) Explosion-proof: This button switch has a powerful function, because of the explosion-proof function, it can be used for places rich in explosive gases and dust. Such as coal mines and other places.

(6) knob type: the handle to rotate the operation of the contact, there are two on-off, usually panel-mounted.

(7) key type: with the key piercing rotation to operate, to avoid misuse or for personal operation.

(8) urgent type: a large red mushroom head protruding outside, forcing the power when used interception.

(9) self-restraint button: button with self-restraint with electromagnetic tissue, mainly for power plants, substations or test equipment, the operator interoperability signals and announced the order, usually for the panel operation.

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