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Automatic Reset Metal Push Button Switch
Jan 05, 2018

The automatic reset metal push button switch comprises a plastic base and a metal pushbutton, wherein the contact foot and the support foot are fixed on the bottom shell, the static contact point is fixed on the contact foot, the end of the elastic push button of the metal button is fixed with Static contact corresponding to the dynamic contact, and the support legs as the support point, the bottom of the metal button spring seat at the bottom of the ball and the metal button elastic rocker pressed against the metal button elastic rocker around the support point rotation, so that the move , The static contact open, closing, metal elastic rocker tilting end mounted by the reset bracket and the return spring composed of the reset structure, the top of the reset spring and the inner wall of the metal push button top, composed of second gear unilateral automatic reset, third gear single Side reset or third gear bilateral automatic reset metal switch.

metal push button.jpg

Since the reset metal push button switch there ten years ago, first of all from abroad, the second country slowly carried out the production of metal switches, the TOPSHALL electronic metal push buttons there are many ways to achieve the purpose of self-reset, rotating, rolling, Swing, rocker, push and ratchet, etc. Structure of the self-resetting metal push button switch. From the metal push button reset method, there are unilateral reset, bilateral reset, multilateral reset and vertical reset.

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