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Color Classification With Light Metal Push Button Switch
Jan 06, 2018

Illuminated metal pushbutton switch is a controlled metal pushbutton switch that is man-operated with a finger, a metal switch button with an indicator, and self-locking and resetting. By the contact element (silver point) and built-in indicator beads (indicator light can have only one, but at the same time can also be achieved two-color light, which is divided into ring light, lighting, power symbols, etc.), in actual use Only 5 kinds of light colors (red, green, blue, yellow, white) more for the more optional. Therefore, many customers order metal push button switch products from TOPSHALL can easily select their own devices on the desired metal push button accessories.

metal push button switch.jpg

Metal light push button switch classification

Press mode of operation: button type, knob type, pull button type. The company is located in:

According to the combination of the protection of the button form points: open, protection, waterproof, explosion-proof and so on. The company is located in:

According to the appearance of the shape of the actuator: flat metal push buttons, convex metal push buttons, concave metal push buttons, mushrooms metal push button. The company is located in:

Divided by the way of packing: front plate installation, rear plate installation.

Metal button switch with the use of the environment

Ambient air temperature -25 ℃ ~ +80 ℃ Altitude: ≤2000m Air relative humidity: ≤90] Pollution degree 3 Protection class IP65, IP67, IK08, IK09, IK10, etc.

With the light button switch the main parameters

Switch rating: 1A / 250, 0.5A / 250V, 2A / 250,3A / 250,5A / 25, but now TOPSHALL latest product - metal button switch can reach 10a / 250 and 16A / 250.

Conventional heating current: 10A / 16A

Electric shock resistance: ≤ 50mΩ MAX

Insulation resistance: ≥ 1000mΩ

Mechanical life: the general button switch ≥ 50000 times;

Rotate the metal button ≥ 200,000 times.

Key rotation knob n ≥ 20000 times;

Emergency stop metal push button ≥ 200,000 times

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