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Computer On Off Button Common Faults And Handling
Jan 08, 2019

Computer on off button common faults and handling

In the long-term use of computer on off button more or less will have some faults, then how to deal with these common computer on off button failure? TOPSHALL to introduce computer on some Common Failures and off button of relevant knowledge.

1, the fuse is blown

Daily use computer on off button blown fuse is a common fault, we encounter such a failure should be careful to check the situation of burnt circuit board components if there is (also ask whether the burnt taste), you can also use a multimeter Check if the resistance of the power input terminal is Xiaoyu 200K (if less than 200K, there is a short circuit at the back end);

2, computer on off button load capacity of poor

In some long-term, old computer on off button products, it is easy to have poor load capacity. In the case of this computer on off button failure, we can use a multimeter to check whether the current limiting resistor and the diode high voltage filter capacitor are faulty. Then, carefully check whether there is any solder joint or wire stripping at each joint on the board;

3, computer on off button voltage output or no DC voltage output instability

In case of such a fault, we should first check whether the electronic components of the high-frequency transformer are damaged, and then check whether the output DC voltage is normal (if the output DC voltage is 0, it indicates that the control circuit is faulty)

computer on off button

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