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Door Switch Installation Precautions
Jan 04, 2019

Door switch installation precautions

What do the door switch need to pay attention to when installing? If you don't know, let me introduce you so that you can install this product more securely and avoid these things. Here is the door switch manufacturer - Yiwei Electric to introduce you:

door switch

1. Environment

When you install the door switch, it is very important for the environment to choose. This is the most overlooked point for many customers who install it for the first time. The environment that chooses the door switch needs to be confirmed firstly. The temperature and humidity of this environment can be very high. The temperature and humidity are kept within the hour, followed by the air. The air contains a lot of dust or corrosive gas. The environment like this is absolutely impossible to choose ventilation and the air dust content is kept at a certain value. Corrosive gases and substances can be present.

2, the installation method

The method of installing the door switch must be correct. Generally, the door switch manufacturer will give the customer a professional equipment installation method. Only the customer needs to install according to these instructions. Of course, it can also contact the door switch manufacturer customer service or find someone with professional knowledge about the product. installation.

3, check

When you install the door switch, the remaining inspection work needs to be very rigorous. Many customers feel that after the installation is completed, they do not need to be checked and the direct use causes the equipment to be unadjusted and eventually causes the equipment to be damaged. Therefore, when you finish the installation, it must be To conduct a rigorous inspection and then put it into formal use.

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