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Four Standard Types Of Spst Momentary Tactile Switch
Jan 22, 2019

Four standard types of spst momentary tactile switch

As a functional electronic switch, the spst momentary tactile switch is a standard part. When the button is pressed, the switch can be turned on. When the hand is released, the switch is disconnected. The internal structure is controlled by metal shrapnel. Force to move to achieve continuity.

spst momentary tactile switch

Spst momentary tactile switch has been widely used in household appliances due to its small contact resistance, clear hand feel, and high specification.

Spst momentary tactile switch is suitable for high-density surface mount, some can be cleaned after soldering, sealed type can be dustproof, most suitable for harsh environment selection, and the circuit design is simple. Long product life products have been in series.

The spst momentary tactile switch cannot function independently and must be used in conjunction with a PCB board to form a complete open control system. Spst momentary tactile switch pin connection method for the five-pin spst momentary tactile switch pin connection problem: two pins are a group, four feet are for soldering more stable, the fifth pin is for grounding wire of.

The main types of spst momentary tactile switch:

Standard spst momentary tactile switch

Sealed spst momentary tactile switch

SMD type spst momentary tactile switch

Waterproof spst momentary tactile switch

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