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How To Choose Metal Button And Indicator?
Jan 04, 2018

In the electrical control loop, the metal button guide lamp is the most commonly used command master and signal monitoring components, often showing some errors in the use of the following to bring everyone relevant information in this regard, everyone can understand under.

Button guide light color guideline: according to the button is operated (press) caused by the function, or the guide light is turned on (glow) or the reaction of information to color; rely on the color can not show the operation of the function or operation mode , You can add the required graphics or text symbols on or near the device.

metal indicator.jpg

How to accurately use the color of the metal button guide light?

1, the metal button guide light (also known as the signal light) is mainly used to guide the bright method of causing the operator to pay attention to may guide the operator to stop some operation, and as a certain form or instruction in the performance or have been fulfilled Guidance.

2, Under normal conditions, the power guide and closing guide with white or yellow light. Motor operating instructions and problems with white signal light guidance, stop the guidance with green signal light. Reactive compensation capacitor into operation guide with white lights. Star delta star guidance for operational guidance with a yellow light, triangular light with a red light.

How to accurately use the color of metal buttons?

1, the button is mainly used to fulfill or release a certain order.

2, the rules of the rules of color use and send the following table.

The use of metal button color clarification

In the use of the process of a button on the dual use of "start" and "stop" or "power" and "power", melon behalf of the press after the change function, neither can not use white, it can not use green, and Use the black, white or gray buttons; use black, white, gray or green buttons for jog / jerk activity requests, preferably with the black button; for the "reset" button, single-use with blue, black, white or gray Button, at the same time stop, power off function with a white button.

How should the metal button guidance lamp be selected and used? After the above introduction, everyone can understand the button and the guidance lamp, and the desire can help everyone to accurately use and choose to help.

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