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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Metal Push Button Switch?
Dec 31, 2017

Generally good metal push button switch products look flat, no glitches, bright colors and materials using high quality abs + PC material, good flame retardant, not brittle. Although some products surface smooth, seems to be coated with a layer of oil, but the color is pale, coarse texture, such materials flame retardancy is not good, you can use the fire to test its flame retardant how. If the point is extinguished quickly, then a good plastic, otherwise it is poor plastic. Good metal push button switch panel products will not be directly removed by hand, must rely on certain special tools, while the general non-mainstream low-end products are very easy to remove the cover with your hand, resulting in indecent household and public places.

metal push button switch.jpg

 Choice with the index finger, thumb sub-surface cover diagonal into the end point, hold the end of one end, the other end pressed hard, loose cover, sagging inferior product quality, otherwise the quality is credible. Tap the metal button switch function, the slighter the sound of the skateboard, the smoother the feel, the rhythmic sense is the better quality; the other hand, when opening and closing the sound is impure, the kinetic stagnation stagnation, there is intermittent state of sound is poor quality.

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