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How To Solve The Problem Of Light Switch With Led Indicator?
Jan 02, 2019

How to solve the problem of light switch with led indicator?

In the process of actually using the light switch with led indicator, in order to make the state of the machine more obvious, the indicator light is often added in the light switch with led indicator. If the indicator light does not light during the use, how to solve it? Light switch with led indicator manufacturers will take you to understand.

light switch with led indicator    First, give the light switch with led indicator plus an RC circuit. Many contactor coils are also connected in parallel with one end of the circuit. The function is to absorb the induced electromotive force.

Second, use a shielded wire for each indicator light switch with led indicator.

Third, the input and output ends of the light switch with led indicator line are respectively combined with a small capacity of 0.01-0.22 UF input and then connected with a 100K-500K resistor.

Fourth, add a resistance-capacitor absorber to the light switch with led indicator.

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