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IP67 Waterproof Metal Button Switch Definition
Dec 28, 2017

Metal button switch IP waterproof grade definition-IP67 waterproof metal button switch, red wave button dedicated metal button switch look forward to consultation, negotiate collaboration!

IP is the international code used to determine the level of protection Ip rating is composed of two figures, the first number indicates dust-proof; the second number indicates water-proof, the greater the number indicates the better protection level.

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Dust level

Protection of the number of boundaries defined

0 No protection No special protection

1 to avoid the intrusion of objects greater than 50mm to avoid the human body accidentally hit the lamp internal parts to avoid objects greater than 50mm in diameter intrusion

2 to avoid the intrusion of objects greater than 12mm to avoid touching the internal parts of the lamp

3 to avoid the whole invasion of more than 2.5mm things to avoid the diameter of more than 2.5mm things, wires or objects invaded

4 to avoid the intrusion of objects greater than 1.0mm to avoid the invasion of mosquitoes, insects or objects more than 1.0 in diameter

5 dust can not completely prevent dust intrusion, but the amount of dust intrusion will not affect the normal operation of electrical

6 Dust thoroughly avoid dust intrusion

waterproof level

Protection of the number of boundaries defined

0 No protection No special protection

1 Avoid dripping intrusion Avoid dripping straight drops

2 skew 15 degrees to avoid dripping water intrusion When the lighting skew 15 degrees, still can avoid dripping

3 to avoid eruption of water intrusion avoid rain, or straight into the angle of less than 50 degrees into the water

4 to avoid splashing water intrusion to avoid splashing water from all directions invaded

5 Avoid large waves of water Intrusion Avoid waves or water holes quickly ejected water intrusion

6 to avoid big waves of water intrusion into the water in a fixed time or water pressure conditions, can still guarantee the normal operation of lamps

7 to avoid water intrusion into the water infiltrating the submerged water for a period of time Under the conditions of certain water pressure, and to ensure the normal operation of the lamp

8 to avoid the impact of flooding

Button switch is out of range to connect the relay

In the case of inductive reactance will produce reverse induced voltage, the higher the voltage the greater the energy, contact consumption and migration also will increase, therefore, to confirm the rated conditions, the rated value of the control capacity marked, but Only these are not enough. In special load circuits such as voltage, current waveform, and type of load at the time of turn-on and turn-off, actual device test must be performed separately. Small voltage, current applications need to use a small load with the product. The use of general-purpose silver contacts may result in reduced contact reliability.

When the pushbutton switch is a small, high-load type that extends beyond the range of the pushbutton switch, connect a relay suitable for that load.

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