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Metal Key Switch And 19mm Waterproof Illuminated Stainless Steel Metal Pushbutton Switch In The Automobile Car Industry Applications
Jan 10, 2018

Metal key switch and 19mm stainless steel metal push button switch with light in the automotive industry

Ignition metal key switch. Ignition system knob switch (usually use the key), the ignition coil can be opened or closed the main circuit, but also for other electrical circuits.

stainless steel switch.jpg

Ignition switch type

Gas lighters, gas stoves, gas water heater ignition stainless steel switch; cars, motorcycles and ignition switch with ignition button; launch missiles, satellites, various types of spacecraft ignition waterproof push button switch.

Common ignition with metal push button switch ignition

Ignition methods are mainly piezoelectric ceramic ignition and power coil ignition.

The key switch is activated normally

If a key to start the ignition stainless steel push button switch only under the memory function

A key to start the metal push button with a light switch or knob switch must be in the presence of intelligent key metal switch to start, this sensing distance is generally about 50 cm. Under normal circumstances there are also smart key we usually say with a serrated or grooved key

Its role is to prevent a key start waterproof metal push button function failure, the use of mechanical start to start.

With a key to start the car generally do not have to insert the key, but have inserted the key position (role is to prevent a key start 19mm stainless steel push button switch can fail, the use of key switch to start)

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