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Metal Push Button And Ordinary Push Button Switches
Jan 12, 2019

Metal push button and ordinary push button switches

The metal push button is a switch made of metal as a button, including a metal membrane switch, an anti-roll metal push button, a metal proximity switch, and the like. The metal membrane switch has a very thin metal film. The anti-roll metal push button is mainly used for various cranes. The metal proximity switch is produced by foreign manufacturers.

metal push button

The switch component of the metal push button is a rocker type double contact switch assembly, which is composed of a switch seat, a bracket mounted on the switch seat, a static spring fixed to the switch seat, a lower static spring, and a static spring disposed thereon. The movable contact piece between the piece and the lower static reed is composed, one end of the movable contact piece is hinged to the cantilever end of the moving spring piece disposed on the bracket, and the other end of the movable contact piece is connected with a tension spring, and the other end of the tension spring One end is connected to the bracket, and a push block is connected to the connecting end of the movable contact spring. The push block protrudes from the upper surface of the switch base and is in contact with the lower end of the button.

Because the metal push button uses a rocker type double-contact switch assembly, its switching action is faster, the contact stability of the switch during use is better, and it can be used in a wider range of currents and voltages.

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