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Metal Tactile Switches Classification And Switch Structure
Jul 04, 2017

Metal Tactile Switches Classification and switch structure

Slide switch classification and switch structure

Slide switch commonly used varieties are unipolar double, monopolar three, bipolar double and bipolar three, etc., it is generally used for low-voltage circuit, with a slider action flexible, stable and reliable performance characteristics, sliding switch is widely For: all kinds of instruments / instrumentation equipment, all kinds of electric toys, fax machines, audio equipment, medical equipment, beauty equipment, and other electronic products!

Slide switch classification

Multi-function switch is divided into: small current toggle switch and high current slide switch. Small current slide switch commonly used in electronic toys, digital communications. High current is generally used in electrical appliances, machinery and other high current toggle switch toggle switch specifications and electrical performance Rated power: DC50V 0.3A Operating temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ Slide switch all aspects of performance:

Electrical performance specifications

1. Contact resistance test: in the small current (100mA) the following test. Requirements: Must be less than 30 milliohms.

2. Insulation resistance test: input 500V DC voltage 1 minute, according to the following contact method test:

(1) between contact terminals.

(2) between the body and the row of feet. Requirements: must be 100 megohm or more.

3. Resistance to voltage test: input AC 500V (50-60Hz) voltage, 1 minute sensitivity current of 0.5mA, according to the following contact method test:

(1) row of feet between each other

(2) between the row of feet and the shell requirements: no insulation damage and other abnormalities.

The sliding switch is mainly assembled by the following parts by the corresponding process:

1. Iron shell (material: generally iron; treatment process: by plating nickel or pot black process to prevent oxidation)

2. Plastic handle (material: generally POM material, if the fire retardant high temperature requirements, often use PA nylon material processing technology: injection molding)

3. Terminal (material: generally phosphorous copper; treatment process: silver plating)

4. Insulation floor (material: bakelite; treatment process: stamping)

5. Contact chip (material: generally phosphorous copper; treatment process: silver plating)

Slide switch switch appearance, the surface should look smooth. Electroplating should be smooth, but also in the sun will shine. Good quality of the switch most of the use of bullet-proof plastic and other high-grade materials, fire performance, moisture resistance, anti-impact performance are high, smooth surface, the purchase should consider their feel touched, with the initial determination of the switch material, And asked the dealer. In general, the surface is not smooth, feels thin, crisp feeling of the product, the performance is not reliable. Good switch socket panel requires no bubbles, no scratches, no stains. Switch sliding feel light and not tight, the socket jack need to be equipped with a protective door, plug plug should be a certain degree of strength and can not insert a single foot.

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