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Metal Tactile Switches Understanding Of Metal Touch Switch With Lamp
Aug 01, 2017

Metal Tactile Switches Understanding of Metal Touch Switch with Lamp

Understanding of Metal Touch Switch with Lamp

Now the era of intelligent automation, with the gradual popularization of things, smart home is the focus of future development direction, in the case of smart home, although you can use the phone directly through the wifi link control, but the indoor identification of the key, electrical function Button identification is also necessary. Therefore, for the metal touch switch with a metal also need to have a certain understanding and understanding.

How to distinguish between the positive and negative colors and colors of the metal touch switch

Each touch lamp has a lamp foot marked color, with the color of the lamp on behalf of the negative lead led. The color of the light is marked with the color of the metal touch switch. The colors of the common lights are: red, blue, green, white, yellow.

7 * 7 weight waterproof strip metal touch switch

The operation of the metal touch switch is 180 ± 50gf and 250 ± 50gf. And 7 * 7 waterproof lamp metal touch switch operation can be done 300 ± 100gf, so as to meet the needs of different customers, but also for the use of different products, this waterproof lamp metal touch switch feel crisp, long life, waterproof Performance, suitable for different use of the environment.

The main factors that affect the performance of metal touch switch with light

1, with a metal touch switch with lights which the role of light only to do with the instructions, is the role of the switch itself in addition to the additional function, so with no lights and the switch itself has no effect;

2, with a lamp metal touch switch performance of the main factors are shrapnel material, the terminal material, shrapnel terminal surface treatment (with silver, tin, etc.). In addition the important dimensions of the design of the switch parts also affect the large, including the switch life, operating feel, continuity and continuity of the stability.

Metal touch switch in the remote control can play what effect it. Metal touch switch large area for a variety of equipment on the remote control, such as TV remote control, air conditioning remote control, car anti-theft lock remote control and many other electrical appliances. Here let us take us to analyze the metal touch switch inside the remote control which played the role, the specific content is as follows:

The remote control first contains a combination of coding integrated circuit, key circuit, crystal oscillator circuit, infrared emission circuit and so on. Metal touch switch exists in the key circuit, the first play a remote control function changes. When the switch is pressed, the line is connected and the remote controller sends a signal to the target receiver to realize the remote control function change. When the hand is released, the line is disconnected. For example: TV remote control above the metal touch switch is the use of metal shrapnel force to complete the on-off.

Metal touch switch also has its lack of places, frequent press will make the metal shrapnel tired to lose flexibility and failure. So now most of the electrical buttons are used conductive rubber or pot of switch metal shrapnel directly to replace.

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