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Metalpushbutton Switches Because The Function Is Different
Sep 06, 2017

metalpushbutton switches Because the function is different

Daily life applications, all kinds of electrical appliances will be different because of the different circuit circuit to achieve different functions will use a different switch, and metal buttons because the function is also divided into many different, the following let the electronics manufacturers tell you about the metal button Switch classification, which can be divided into: operational mode, the protection of classification, their characteristics are as follows:

(1) Open type: suitable for embedded in the switch board, control cabinet and control panel on the panel. Code-named K.

(2) Protected: With a protective case, it is possible to prevent the internal button parts from being mechanically damaged or touched by live parts.

(3) Waterproof: With sealed shell, can prevent rain intrusion. Code-named S.

(4) anti-corrosion type: can effectively prevent the invasion of chemical corrosive gases. Code-named F.

(5) Explosion-proof: suitable for containing explosive gases and dust without causing explosions, such as coal mines and other places. Code-named B.

(6) knob type: the handle can be rotated to operate the contact, there are two positions off, commonly known as panel-mounted. Code-named X.

(7) key type: the key inserted and rotated to operate, to prevent the wrong operation or for professional operation. Code-named Y.

(8) emergency type: a large red mushroom head protruding, the emergency cut off the power supply. Code-named J or M.

(9) Self-holding button: The button is equipped with self-supporting electromagnetic mechanism, mainly used in power plants, substations or test equipment, the operator intercommunication signals and issued instructions, usually for panel operation. Code-named Z.

(10) with light button: button with signal lights, in addition to the release of operating commands, as for the signal instructions, and more for the control cabinet, console panel. Code-named D.

(11) combination: multiple button combinations. Code-named E.

(12) interlocking: multiple contacts interlocking. Code-named C.

Metal button switch on the market a wide range of styles, uneven quality. Metal button switch for home circuits, household appliances, mechanical machine tools for a variety of electrical facilities. Are essential, the metal button switch not only play an open circuit electrical operation and stop the role, but also to a certain extent, the protection circuit is not burned. Based on the importance of the metal button switch, we must choose carefully when we choose.

1, look at the appearance.

Metal button switch style, color should be consistent with the overall style of the room. For example, the overall color of the interior decoration is light, then to avoid the use of black, brown and other darker switches.

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