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Metalpushbutton Switches Switching Power Supply
Jul 17, 2017

Metalpushbutton switches Switching power supply

1. Development trend analysis of switching power supply industry

With the rapid development of our country, the switch industry has become an indispensable part of many electronics industries. There are many kinds of switches, such as temperature control switches, rotary switches, straight button switches, button switches, etc... A brief analysis of the development trend of the switching power supply industry today:

1. Development trend of switching power supply

A. Green

The green switch power supply will be widely used. The green switch power supply refers to the obvious save energy and not to produce pollution to the electricity network. The nodes and environmental protection requirements of the 21st century will enable the wide application of multiple intelligent switching power technologies, so that the power supply structure will be developed from centralized to distributed.

B. Miniaturization

Small frequency switching power supply and its technology become the mainstream of modern power supply system. The miniaturization of power supply and weight loss are especially important for portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras. Therefore, increasing the power density and power conversion efficiency of switching power supply makes miniaturization and lightweight, which is the goal that people are constantly striving for. As one of the main technical means of miniaturization of power supply, high frequency and soft switching technology has been one of the hot spots of international power electronics research in recent years.

C, digitization

The digital power supply combines the efficient power of switch power with the intelligent control of digital chips, and adjusts the voltage and current using the appropriate algorithm. Compared with the analog power supply, the current detection error can be accurately calibrated and the voltage detection is more accurate. Can achieve quick, flexible control design.

D. Integration

In order to improve the reliability of the system, it is a trend to develop the "user-specific" power module. And a machine is almost all hardware chip installed in the form of a module, there will be no traditional wire connected between the large number of components, to minimize the parasitic parameters, thus the power components and power devices under stress to a minimum, the purpose of improving the reliability of the system equipment.

2. Forecast of switching power supply market

The China power supply institute and ICTresearch forecast that China's power supply industry will reach 215.6 billion yuan in 2015, with an average annual compound growth of 13.39 percent in 2011-2015.

And with the power supply toward miniaturization, thin, lightweight, high frequency direction, can be expected in the future with light, thin, small, and the high frequency switch power supply output growth will be higher than the whole power industry output growth. The China power society predicts that by 2011, the national switching power output will reach 128 billion yuan. In 2015, the output value of China's switching power supply will reach 187.5 billion yuan.

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