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Metalpushbutton Switches Trend Analysis
Aug 28, 2017

metalpushbutton switches trend analysis

China 's switching industry development trend

First, the development trend of switching power supply industry

With the rapid development of China, the switch industry has become an indispensable part of the electronics industry. There are many types of switches, such as: temperature control switch, rotary switch, straight key switch, button switch and so on. The The Today, the development trend of switching power supply industry Brief analysis:

1, switching power supply product development trend

A, green

Green switching power supply products will be widely used. Green switching power supply products specifically refers to significant energy savings and no pollution to the electricity network. The 21st century node and environmental requirements, will enable a variety of intelligent switching power supply technology is widely used, so that the power supply structure from centralized to distributed development.

B, miniaturization

Small high-frequency switching power supply and its technology to become the mainstream of modern power supply system. Reducing the weight of power supplies is particularly important for portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and so on. Therefore, to improve the switching power supply power density and power conversion efficiency, making it small, lightweight, is the people continue to strive for the goal. High frequency, soft switching technology as one of the main technical means of miniaturization of power supply, in recent years is one of the hot spots in the international power electronics industry.

C, digitized

The digital power supply combines the efficiency of the switching power supply with the intelligent control of the digital chip and uses the appropriate algorithm to adjust the voltage and current. Digital power compared to analog power supply, the current detection error can be accurate digital correction, voltage detection more accurate; can achieve fast and flexible control design.

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