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Miniature Micro-pushbutton Switch And Waterproof Mini-pushbutton Switch
Jan 09, 2018

Small micro-pushbutton switch, also known as waterproof mini-pushbutton switch, is a pushbutton switch contact spacing is relatively small by pressing the small quick switch mini pushbutton switch.

Ultra-small, lightweight, high-precision. The company is located in:

M2mm type that can use universal screws. The company is located in:

The use of simultaneous formation of terminals and with the reference distance of the structure, so solder, flux difficult to invade the switch inside.

Also available with a small voltage and current load suitable for small power circuit type (au cladding contacts). The company is located in:

Self-supporting terminals for easy mounting onto printed boards. Micro switch pushbutton body relative to the 1.2 ~ 1.6mm printing plate self-reliance. The company is located in:

Equipped with printing plate right-angled terminal and left-angled terminal series. The company is located in:

mini switch.jpg

In line with rohs directive.

Fixing the switch body 1) When fixing the micro switch body, fix it with a torque of 0.098n · m or less on the smooth surface using the m2 screws. In addition, to prevent loosening of the screws, it is recommended to use washers at the same time. 2) Please note that the actuator should not exert force on the waterproof pushbutton or actuator directly in the free state, and the power should be applied vertically to the metal button when in use. 3) Action after the action set to o.t. 70] above the value of the standard. In the case of the mini switch, do not set the operating body at the operation limit position to prevent the opening and closing accompanying the impact and shorten the life span through the stroke. 2. Changes in Operating Characteristics The operating characteristics should not change due to changes in the operating characteristics even if the operating characteristics change by ± 20%. 3. In the case of soldering by hand welding, use a temperature-controlled electric soldering iron (tip temperature 320 ° C max.) To complete the job in 3 seconds and be careful not to apply force to the terminal part during operation. 4. It is recommended to use low-power circuit type (au-clad contact) when using it under a small current and voltage. 5. Environment Do not use or store the equipment in a place where the contact is adversely affected, corrosive gas, silicon, or dust is present.

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