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More Than 30 Years Pushbutton Switch Is Still Optimistic About The Market
Dec 26, 2017

What is a pushbutton switch? Is an electronic component, the use of a switch to control the power flow, the market is how to treat the button switch? Now let's look at the button switch.

China's pushbutton switch to form a mass production time should be in the appliance industry, especially the rapid development of color TV industry, a period of more than 30 years of history. At present, it is still one of the main products of the plug-in components and is suitable for all kinds of small household appliances, color TV sets, desktop computers, combination audio, DVD, office equipment, communications equipment, electronic musical instruments, medical electronic equipment, CNC machine tools, automatic control equipment Other applications.

pushbutton switch.jpg

In 2006 the market continues to be optimistic. Among them the small round pushbutton switch demand rises. After the prices of copper, steel, gold, energy consumption and other raw materials have a certain impact on the original unit price, sales growth rate of 10% to 15%. The total demand is about 500 million to 700 million, some estimates are more, may exceed 1 billion. Button switch due to the shape, different uses so that the price difference is very large, less than 1 yuan can buy a cheaper, mid-range from 3 yuan, 4 yuan a few have been until a dozens of high-grade need a few hundred dollars One is even higher.

Wave switch applications and functions and pushbutton switch closer. Button shape has a plane, V-shaped, arc (known as boat) and so on. Specifications with lights, no lights. Button cover with red, green, blue, white, yellow, black, orange and other colors. Bit form a self-reset, bilateral self-reset. Number of single-pole, double-pole, three-position and so on. Life expectancy of 10,000 to 50,000 times. Mainly used for power off. At present, the switch production units are mainly concentrated in Guangdong area, basically meeting the market demand.

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