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Multi-function Push Switch Button
Jan 19, 2019

Multi-function push switch button

Multi-function push switch button is also called compound push switch button, which is a switch with more than 2 functions. For example, our 2A and M2A series products are 2-stage push switch buttons. These switches are generally used on digital camera shutters. More than one multi-function push switch button is MPB22 and MPB25 series, the middle is a push switch button, and its operation handle can swing up and down and left and right, thus achieving 5 functions. This type of multi-function push switch button mobile phone, MP3 and digital cameras are used more. There is also a multi-function push switch button for the PL3 series. The push switch button handle has a fan shape, and the middle is a push switch button. The handle can be left-swinged, which makes the product have three functions. Multi-function push switch button for digital cameras, mobile phones, MP3/MP4 and other products.

push switch button

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