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Outdoor Waterproof Switch Cann't Be Hit With Wind And Rain?
Dec 27, 2017

We talk about the outdoor button switch, a lot of outdoor power switch due to the installation outside, subject to the wind and rain outside, slowly decay decay, which is a big security risk, it is likely to cause leakage fire ACCIDENT. The following for everyone to introduce TOPSHALL electronic waterproof switch.

outdoor power switch.jpg

TOPSHALL electronic waterproof switch, has good waterproof performance, the seal is not easy to water, waterproof switch button and switch circuit isolated, so that it is completely insulated, conductive liquid, gas, dust can not enter the switch inside. Then put a magnet in the switch button and switch circuit, through the same pole repulsion between the two magnets, in the case of the key and the circuit insulation "empty" control circuit.

Only innovation can be better, TOPSHALL electronic innovation, innovation is the source of our growth, we pursue the strategy, technology, research and development, management, sales, manufacturing and other comprehensive innovation, to the best customer service.

Waterproof button switch to TOPSHALL, a good choice of good products.

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